We are all faced with stresses or challenges in our life some with more intensity than others. What do we do when faced with such challenges. One way is to turn and read and meditate on a verse in the Psalms. For many many years now many people have done so. And the verses are still available to be turned to. They have been a gift for centuries and will continue to be a gift for centuries. Sometimes when something has been around for so long it is taken for granted. It is something to note that the things that have stood the test of time have tremendous value in the present moment NOW. Turn to the verses in the Psalms when you have a need and you will fill an invigoration and a cleansing of spirit that renews and brings a fresh perspective as well as steps to take to meet whatever challenge you are facing.  We can keep moving forward in our lives as we turn to things that matter that put oil back in our lamps lightening the way to see the steps ahead of us.

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