The LORD is my light and my salvation… Psalm 27

Such words that tell us that there is a provision that gives us light and salvation. Yes it is good to remember this in times of stress and  in times when things are going well. When things are going well it is a good time to ever strengthen our awareness that we are given the light of direction to continue in the way the brings greater salvation. So often we forget our true orientation when things are going well which invariably lands us in the place where we have to plead to the LORD for help again and again. Let’s shift this up and down experience and keep moving in a direction that brings greater strength, wisdom and the joy of living. It is as simple as giving thanks for our blessings and to see how we can extend greater blessings through our living.

In the LORD put I my trust…

What does this mean? It means that trust can be put in the LORD that centers our worlds. As we come to the centering point in our lives we remember our commission to bring the integrity of the LORD on earth.  The integrity that discerns what it takes to offer an influence into the world that blesses. That provides a sound sane light filled influence into the world. An influence that causes others to be stirred to remember the influence they are to bring. An influence that brings upliftment and reinvigoration. An influence that brings all that would come into the influence of integrity and dispels that which is not of integrity. In the LORD put I my trust does relate to letting your world be cleansed and made new bringing life and life more abundantly. So let us live.