In Psalm 132 it says, “I have ordained a lamp for  mine anointed.” What does this mean? Obviously a light for those  who have chosen to be anointed. How does one choose to be anointed? One chooses to be anointed by keeping their integrity in living. As we do a light is given before our ways. We see the steps  needed to take in our living. Sometimes it may be a light given to just one step at a time. As we so move in the way of our integrity taking the steps that reveal themselves by the light cast upon them we move through our lives with grace and assurance. As we so do we provide a light for others. Here we live a fulfilling life.

Do you have a need?

I will  lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Psalm 121


In times of need there is a place to orient to that brings us into a place that can hold us with a sense of calm and possibility. When it is said I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills we could understand this to mean to come to rest with our hearts and minds in the realization that there is something beyond the level of our hearts and minds. This level or the hills represents the realm from which all things spring. The realm from which all is caused to be. As we actually stop and pause to acknowledge this level also in the realization that our heart and minds can only be aware of so much and that they have to let go or surrender to that which is of the realm of cause the realm of cause that is animating us all. As we so let go we are gifted with the invigoration of life that will lift up our heads even more so in a greater sense of gratefulness for that which does spring from the hills. Here glory is known and glory is given rightly unto the cause of all.