Going in the strength of the Lord God requires first a pausing to step in such a way. Yes, we may have plans that we want to get to, however without entering first into the way and strength of the Lord we will find that we go from one thing to another without feeling a sense of accomplishment or peace. In such a way we are on the treadmill that really goes nowhere. To enter into the strength of the Lord requires a letting go. A letting go that allows us to come into the moment at hand whereby the pulls of trying to get things done are put aside.  Here a space is provided to come into union with that which is animating everything.  As we just take such a moment  we step into the place of eternity whereby we can discern the steps to be taken that allow for a sequence that is joyful and fulfilling. As we move accordingly we also find we are in accord with the Lord God as well as all those so inclined. Here again we find our fulfilling place in the Camp of the Saints.


I find this verse to be a heart catcher especially. I do notice I had talked about this verse last week. When I read it again in my considerations of the psalms I was again struck by the nature of its spirit. AND THEY THAT LOVE HIS NAME SHALL DWELL THEREIN. In considering these words I find myself entering into a spirit that is settling and very peaceful. A spirit that puts everything in perspective especially the things that may have been a challenge for us to handle. As we enter into this spirit the things we may have found ourselves reacting to or engendering the feelings of anger, demand and fear are dissipated. To acknowledge the gift of spirit that these words bring I find are worth repeating and considering. May we continue to wax strong in grace in stature as we abide in this love. 


And they that love his name shall dwell therein. I find just the thought of loving his name brings a dwelling place in experience that sets all things right. When the thoughts of this world come knocking on our door characterized by contempt, criticism and fear it is vital to recognize them. As we do recognize the unkind and unsettling thoughts that are looking to find a dwelling place within us we are reminded to love his name. As we do receive this gift of  awareness and actually turn to love his name we find that we are back in our natural place of dwelling. In this natural place there comes the experience of peace and soundness and again perspective. No matter how things in the world appear it is also vital that there be some that abide in this place. For it is us that acknowledge this need true need that this world may eventually find its resting place in loving His Name. 


When we upright ourselves we confirm our God given divine inheritance. When we put first things first and throughout all we confirm our inheritance. When we honor that which brings peace to our heart and clarity to our mind we confirm our inheritance. Our inheritance is constantly being given to us to be received as a gift and confirmed in our living. Choose this day to confirm your real and true inheritance and know the joy of living!


Consider these words and know the presence of our King. Know the peace of His presence and begin to touch into His power. Know the fertile quietness. As we do increasingly acknowledge  the beauty and wonder of the presence of the King in the sanctuary we find ourselves also in the sanctuary. Here is our communion in spirit and our communion in love. Here is the gift of knowing what is true in spirit, mind and body. Give thanks and continue to know.