As this is stated in the Psalms it gives understanding to what is to come first in our lives. What is it to awake early? Does it only mean to wake up early in the morning or does it mean to awake early to an awareness that puts the presence of God first. Awaking early relates to putting priority on the things that matter in any given moment. Awaking early relates to putting attention to first things first. First things that are received through an open and thankful heart and an alert mind to the qualities and characteristics of the presence of God in any given moment. When we are oriented to awake early in such a way we find we are filled with the inspiration and wisdom necessary for our living to be true and effective for increasing the dominion of God on earth.

Inspirational Renewal

When you are feeling like something is irritating you take it as a sign that you need to return to what really matters. This can relate to turning to the verses in the psalms that can bring an inspirational renewal. I always like to acknowledge that the “Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” and all we need to do is to turn to the things of God. As we do in humbleness and in a recognition that we need inspiration as we deal with our life circumstances we can find the way to be restored to feeling well and whole.


We are all faced with stresses or challenges in our life some with more intensity than others. What do we do when faced with such challenges. One way is to turn and read and meditate on a verse in the Psalms. For many many years now many people have done so. And the verses are still available to be turned to. They have been a gift for centuries and will continue to be a gift for centuries. Sometimes when something has been around for so long it is taken for granted. It is something to note that the things that have stood the test of time have tremendous value in the present moment NOW. Turn to the verses in the Psalms when you have a need and you will fill an invigoration and a cleansing of spirit that renews and brings a fresh perspective as well as steps to take to meet whatever challenge you are facing.  We can keep moving forward in our lives as we turn to things that matter that put oil back in our lamps lightening the way to see the steps ahead of us.

Making All Things New

We are gifted with the words of the Psalms that can bring a newness and a refreshment to our lives. As we come upon the words that settle our hearts and refresh our minds, our body’s can feel the relaxation of a healthy feeling coming upon it. Here healing can be initiated and continued to repair what is needed as well as allowing for us to feel a healthy experience. Let the words of the verses be received as a gift with all the good feelings a true gift brings.

Finding our Purpose

As we read the words of the Psalms contained within them is a call to find our purpose. A purpose that calls us to be upright and true. As we live with such integrity a sense of purpose infuses us day by day becoming clearer and clearer and stronger and stronger. If you feel like there is no purpose in life or that you may have lost your purpose the words contained in the Psalms can be starting points to  reopen your awareness for the meaning of your being. There is a reason way you are here. Just follow the path that is given to you. One way that is given to all of us are the words given through the Psalms. Read them, as you do something of a feeling will begin to be recognized that brings your heart to rest and your mind to an awareness that you are here for a reason. This reason is to be shared with others. You have gifts of life to give to others. As you provide them you will know a greater sense of purpose. Do not let the down casting thoughts generated from the skewed imbalances of the world take sway within your heart and mind. Make a choice that regards the words, “until the upright there ariseth light in the darkness…” Hold steady and keep providing what you can for others!