Spiritual Vitamins

I have been finding that upon opening Healing Verses of the Psalms and reading until I find just the right verse to start  my day has served as my daily spiritual vitamin. I have been filled with wonder as I receive the qualities of relaxation, peace and strength in reading ‘just the right verse.” I would invite you all to receive the spiritual enrichment I have been finding by just opening the book in the evening or morning and reading until you find the verse that brings you strength and invigoration. It should not take long and many times it will be the first verse you set your eyes upon.

He shall call upon me, and I will answer him… Psalm 91

Yes here we have the answer to all concerns and problems. When we  have an issue in our lives it is great to remember that the Lord is calling upon us all the time in times of need and in times of plenty. How shall we answer. We answer with the eternal words, “Here am I.” As we take this stance we remember that as we answer with such words we open ourselves to the invigorating influence that comes from our Lord. Here we are uplifted and uprighted to abide in a place that says yes “Here am I,” and that we are willing to honor the life given to us by keeping  our integrity and trust that all things  work to perfection. So let us remember and know the reality of trust when we are challenged that we may indeed honor  the name of the Lord.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51

Such beautiful words especially applicable when we may feel like nothing is working and that there is too much wrong. As we remember to keep a clean heart a heart that is thankful, appreciative, patient and PRAISEFUL  then we are renewed in spirit. Let’s keep these things in mind when our  experience seems to signal to us doom and gloom.  Let’s abide in the place that we are meant to live letting all things be made new.