As we give thanks and praise we reside in a place that is tranquil. Currently, there have been sheep placed in our nearby park to clear away the weeds. I have been enthused to take notice of the sheep amidst the tree full area they have been in. As I consider this verse with this picture in mind it brings  an experience of  peace that is  deep and full.  As I give thanks for this experience I am moved to consider all in my world with such an appreciation. As I do so a greater peace and tranquility fills me to overflowing. Here I have more of a sensing of what it means to give thanks to the Lord  for ever and praises that extends to all generations. Let’s utilize the experiences of love and wonder we have in realizing a deep sense of thankfulness for them allowing them to refresh our world and extend a greater love. A love that unites us all that is clearly of our Lord of Love.


The word “Salem”can also be translated as ‘peaceful’ or ‘peace.’  “In peace also is his tabernacle…”  As we gain a greater understanding of what is said through the words of the psalms and the whole bible we can see more how they apply. Here in this verse we can gain a greater appreciation for the presence of peace in the vast expanse of what is meant by  ‘his tabernacle.’ Even in the largeness of what is termed as a tabernacle great peace can be found. May we apply this to the tabernacle that surrounds our circumstances as well as our world.


Come to rest in these words and know that you are well loved. As we do begin and continue to know the reality of these words that which would deceive and be violent is put aside from our lives. We become more self aware of where our conscious orientation is to be. Granted, in the world we live in we recognize deception and violence on large and small levels. It is not that we don’t see these elements it is more that we place our conscious orientation where it is to be. As we do acknowledge the words “precious shall their blood be in his eyes” we also begin to see something more. The more is that we begin to and increasingly hold others precious in our eyes. We actually extend the reality of the spirit of these words in our living. Here we know a union in spirit with the truth of ourselves and realize more and more the blessings we can extend into the world with those we are closely with and to the greater world.

Yesterday I attended the Christmas Concert at Atlanta Symphony Hall with some of my close family members and a good friend. My verse that I had been meditating on was “precious shall  their blood be in his eyes.” As I found myself considering this I knew more in experience holding those I was with precious in my eyes. Serendipity would have it though that as I was listening to the beautiful music and song and gazing upon the audience before me especially since we were sitting in the  back row the thought and experience struck me about holding all in the room precious in my eyes. Such realization opened even more within me how each of us as individuals can offer such a large influence into the world. The Lord’s influence is to encompass the whole earth and we are here to extend it through ourselves.


As we open our eyes to that which is and has been established for our human lives we realize a pattern. This pattern is not arbitrary or demanding. It only calls to our highest of love. The command of the Lord is a command of love we need not think of it as an obligation.

Yield to it and know the gift of life!

The Verses as a Gift

  When we experience times of more intense challenges the verses are a gift to orient to in moving through these times as graceful and victoriously as possible. Read them with feeling and meditate on them with a feeling of great thankfulness and gratitude for the gift of spirit contained within them. As you do you will find the peace of salvation present with you renewing your experience and giving you a sense of new life direction.

Inspirational Renewal

When you are feeling like something is irritating you take it as a sign that you need to return to what really matters. This can relate to turning to the verses in the psalms that can bring an inspirational renewal. I always like to acknowledge that the “Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” and all we need to do is to turn to the things of God. As we do in humbleness and in a recognition that we need inspiration as we deal with our life circumstances we can find the way to be restored to feeling well and whole.

When you feel stressed turn to the Healing Verses!

I live by the adage that when you feel stressed turn to the things of God. When you do you are never disappointed.  Sometimes there are times when you do not feel like doing this. This is a clear signal that your orientation is off and that it is time to give thanks to recognize that you are off the mark. As you do this you will find something melting in your heart that brings to remembrance your love for the things of God. At this point you will find that as you read a verse from the Psalms or the bible your heart will further relax and give even deeper thanks for the spirit carried through the words that bring comfort and tranquility. I also appreciate the words that the kingdom of heaven is always at hand as you allow yourself to be in position to receive it.

Healing Verses and the Principles of Living

Permeated through out the healing verses the principles or foundations for our living experience are inherent within them. As we read the verses the underlying values and character of integrity and uprightness are well provided.  As we appreciate these fundamental simplicities we become blended or harmonized with them. From here we can so experience them and be filled to overflowing to bless our worlds.

Creativity and Healing Verses

In times when we may feel that we have lost our creativity and enthusiasm it is essential that we find ways to let our minds relax in the midst of our present circumstances. Taking a walk or reading a verse from Healing Verses of the Psalms can be just the thing to let your mind turn to that which would bring refreshment. This in turn can serve to bring to mind creative ways to handle your present circumstances . Whether reading a verse or finding another way to find a sense of peace is essential to our spiritual wellbeing and the fulfilling direction of our lives.

Sharing the Verses with a Friend

Some verses will really stand out to you. I am sure some you have found that you treasure and love. When there is a right moment set where you find you can share a verse with someone who also would love to hear a verse that brings inspiration and refreshment so let it be shared. There is nothing like sharing a treasured gem with a friend for a greater life experience to be known.