The Spirit of the Verse

If you think about it when we read or think of a verse in the Psalms or in the bible there is something beyond the just the words. The spirit of the verse is that something and if we are keen to acknowledge it as we consider the physical words it allows for a door to be opened. A door that allows us to open up and blend with the spirit of the Lord. Here there is the experience of peace, joy and an infilling of life and so much more. I feel it is good for all us to open to the Spirit of the Lord as we meditate on a verse. Obviously there is more than just reading and as we remember that it  is this Spirit that gives us life we will be further enriched and enlivened in our experience.


The verses of the psalms as well as other verses in the Bible give us all touchstones for our hearts and minds to be given the spiritual food that is necessary for invigoration and wisdom. I have acknowledged in my life that when things seem very tough the words that come across my mind are “turn to the things of God.” Turning to read a verse in the psalms is a way of turning to  the things of God. We are never left bereft. The provision for what we need to come back to a place of peace and perspective is always at hand. It is said that there are more bibles circulating in the world than any other book. Know that you are never bereft and turning to the things of God in tough times and in quieter times is essential. Let there be some time in each day  spent on cultivating our connection and communion with the things of God. Here we can know a life that gives us a sense of  gratitude and appreciation for the life that we do have.

When the Words Become the Experience

I have been considering how as we meditate upon the words of the bible including the psalms something begins to dawn in our awareness relative to having a compass. Even before we may think of what is required in our living there is something guiding our way. As we pay attention to this guidance it leads us to remember our integrity. Our integrity that gives us a sense of right and wrong. Our integrity that leads us into steps we may not even have been aware of the previous day. As we so open to this guidance and take the steps that we would take to be true to it we are given a sense of assurance. Here the words become the experience of the spirit so contained from the words. Let’s keep moving with our integrity and so experiencing peace and soundness and direction.