These words have made me take notice of them and have prompted me to consider them more. First, to be upright in heart I find means to acknowledge and enact the spirit of these words in my living. To be upright in heart means to give attention to that which actually makes me upright in heart. To give attention to the qualities of spirit that makes me remember what is most important. To give attention to that which acknowledges something higher than my conscious awareness. I find that orienting to attitudes of thankfulness and integrity it positions my conscious awareness to receive something of strength and love from I sense the source of myself.

Here I find a greater awareness of my reason for being in how my life expression can be of glory.

May my words touch something in you that you may know  more of the glory of your own life expression.

As we receive into our conscious awareness the reason for our being we come to realize we are here to share in the One glory of the expression of the LORD on earth.

And here we know more of what the words actually mean, “And all the upright in heart shall glory.”

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