These words have made me take notice of them and have prompted me to consider them more. First, to be upright in heart I find means to acknowledge and enact the spirit of these words in my living. To be upright in heart means to give attention to that which actually makes me upright in heart. To give attention to the qualities of spirit that makes me remember what is most important. To give attention to that which acknowledges something higher than my conscious awareness. I find that orienting to attitudes of thankfulness and integrity it positions my conscious awareness to receive something of strength and love from I sense the source of myself.

Here I find a greater awareness of my reason for being in how my life expression can be of glory.

May my words touch something in you that you may know  more of the glory of your own life expression.

As we receive into our conscious awareness the reason for our being we come to realize we are here to share in the One glory of the expression of the LORD on earth.

And here we know more of what the words actually mean, “And all the upright in heart shall glory.”


As we are interested to remain upright in all our circumstances especially those that may seem dark we are given the assurance that all will be well. In each moment we can choose to be upright letting whatever cycles and seasons work out for a greater light and glory to be known. Let us rest in the assurance of being upright.


Being upright relates to an upright posture physically and also mentally and emotionally. Whatever situation we may be facing keeping an upright stance allows us to meet the challenges we have at hand. Just remember to remain upright in terms of keeping your integrity and honor. Honor the presence of the Lord by remaining true to HIs character of strength and nobility. As we do so we allow HIs presence to come through us in meeting the situations at hand. Here we find victory and increase in waxing in grace and stature.

Healing Verses and the Principles of Living

Permeated through out the healing verses the principles or foundations for our living experience are inherent within them. As we read the verses the underlying values and character of integrity and uprightness are well provided.  As we appreciate these fundamental simplicities we become blended or harmonized with them. From here we can so experience them and be filled to overflowing to bless our worlds.

Finding our Purpose

As we read the words of the Psalms contained within them is a call to find our purpose. A purpose that calls us to be upright and true. As we live with such integrity a sense of purpose infuses us day by day becoming clearer and clearer and stronger and stronger. If you feel like there is no purpose in life or that you may have lost your purpose the words contained in the Psalms can be starting points to  reopen your awareness for the meaning of your being. There is a reason way you are here. Just follow the path that is given to you. One way that is given to all of us are the words given through the Psalms. Read them, as you do something of a feeling will begin to be recognized that brings your heart to rest and your mind to an awareness that you are here for a reason. This reason is to be shared with others. You have gifts of life to give to others. As you provide them you will know a greater sense of purpose. Do not let the down casting thoughts generated from the skewed imbalances of the world take sway within your heart and mind. Make a choice that regards the words, “until the upright there ariseth light in the darkness…” Hold steady and keep providing what you can for others!