As I consider the words, “my soul unto thee,” I sense coming into a conscious place that is above the morass of the present day world. It seems there is so much to fill our thoughts that pulls us here and there that we fail to know what it means simply to be present.

As I consider lifting up my soul unto the Lord something of peace and spaciousness dawns in my consciousness. At first the openness and spaciousness of this feeling feels in a way daunting or unfamiliar. And as I just continued to consider what it means to lift up my soul I found that I came to a conscious awareness of oneness. Oneness with all the living world. Here as I moved past the feeling of something unfamiliar I found myself at home.

My word  today is to consider what it means to lift up your soul unto the Lord and to let something new be experienced something that actually gives you the experience of wonderful oneness with all the living world.

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