“FOR THE LORD HATH DEALT BOUNTIFULLY WITH THEE.” If you think about this statement the “O my soul,”part is striking. Something more formative  than our own earthly soul is calling to put our soul to rest. It has been said each of us has our own individual and unique Lord that actually bountifully animates us! Remember also that the Lord that  animates our soul is a Lord of the LORD of Lords. As we consider the Oneness of God let us know there is something so solid, so real, so constant that the awareness of ourselves may come to rest in. This verse opens a door to the knowing of a greater peace in our temporal soul as well as the greater action of the working of God through us as we position ourselves to  listen and attend to the callings of our Lord of the LORD.  As we do so we may find that we are at rest in acting accordingly. May we know the following:  RETURN UNTO THY REST AND THY ACTION,  O MY SOUL.

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