There is much to consider here for grace and stature to be known in our experience. A fowler is cited  as one who traps unsuspecting birds. The snare of the fowler in reference to  this psalm verse gives light to encouraging us to be aware of being entrapped by our own thoughts or the thoughts of others that cause us to feel small, confused, discouraged, angry, ineffective, wanting etc. Basically, the thoughts of the world that call to make us feel ashamed, fearful, hateful and greedy. How not to be entrapped or ensnared by them is a vital consideration and can take many forms that are unique to each of us.

One way I have been finding helpful is to keep in mind the words welcome and cherish. Here is what I mean. Whenever something arises that causes an unsettled feeling  whether it is when I am alone for with others I intentionally hold an attitude of welcome as soon as I realize what is happening. That something is amiss. Simply taking this attitude allows me to be in the moment which then brings to my awareness, WOW WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING SOMETHING OF PEACE AND JOY. Here I affirm in my heart the appreciation and the cherishment for the opportunity I have at hand to grow and more importantly to provide an influence into the world that blesses rather than curses.

I further think to CHERISH THE PROCESS. Here I know sometimes things take a little time where the realization of what to do or how to master this situation is not readily apparent. There has to be a patience with it even though it may feel very uncomfortable and let alone a challenge to actually cherish this process. However just positioning my soul in such a way I find allows for something to happen that does bring a realization of what is required step by step or completely.

I wish to share this with you all in the light also of being mindful when we are being ensnared by our own thoughts or the thoughts of this world and how to remain free that brings an experience of a pure heart, loving spirit, understanding mind and giving actions.


  1. Greatly appreciate the timing of this consideration.
    Navigating the space in-between, can be uncomfortable, however there is a solution, a full yielding to the comforter, abiding in the space that declares that the snares of the conscious mind have no power.
    As we yield ever more deeply, patiently and centre our attention on the spirits of the Lord, we are strengthened and delivered.
    It does not happen tomorrow, or yesterday, but NOW, and once delivered, continue to keep the mind at bay, settling the thoughts of this world. We needn’t add to it, the day will worry about itself all on its own. It is ok to disengage, and ponder the sweet kindlier nature of what moves in the deep.
    As you have outlined above, we each will have our own unique way of doing this, but the Assurance that comes when we do, opens the way for the deliverance to be real and lasting, providing an inner influence that shields us from being dragged down so easily, in the flick of a thought!
    Eager to prove this out today!

  2. Yes, Joshua lets continue to know what it means to prove it out. There are oscillations to this that may catch us in high and low moments however as we take note and continue to reorient our navigation through the moments of our living can become sounder and sounder. I appreciate your passion to be true to the Lord and who you are.

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