I find this verse to be a heart catcher especially. I do notice I had talked about this verse last week. When I read it again in my considerations of the psalms I was again struck by the nature of its spirit. AND THEY THAT LOVE HIS NAME SHALL DWELL THEREIN. In considering these words I find myself entering into a spirit that is settling and very peaceful. A spirit that puts everything in perspective especially the things that may have been a challenge for us to handle. As we enter into this spirit the things we may have found ourselves reacting to or engendering the feelings of anger, demand and fear are dissipated. To acknowledge the gift of spirit that these words bring I find are worth repeating and considering. May we continue to wax strong in grace in stature as we abide in this love. 


  1. I am reminded of the 1st great commandment.
    “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and all thy mind”
    When our Love for him is complete, His Love for us is complete.
    We possess the circuit breaker.
    Whether we realize it or not, God has always been with us. It’s we, who need choose to dwell with Him. And when we do, in that moment, we become a force to be reckoned with. At which point the world will challenge…..”Really, who do you think you are?” and the trial begins…
    Not because God has ordained it, but because the world has been so out of alignment for so long, “One who Dwells” becomes an automatic Threat to the way of the world.

    Truly a simple matter, especially in the light of a few small victories!
    May those who wish to, so abide, that a few more hearts become a force through which our Lord can act!

  2. P.S. Your efforts here are greatly appreciated, a forum through, which we might consider the finer things of Truth is a refreshing, revitalizing, reconnecting, re-centering opportunity for which I eagerly look forward to each week,
    Thank-you, for leading the way!

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