When we upright ourselves we confirm our God given divine inheritance. When we put first things first and throughout all we confirm our inheritance. When we honor that which brings peace to our heart and clarity to our mind we confirm our inheritance. Our inheritance is constantly being given to us to be received as a gift and confirmed in our living. Choose this day to confirm your real and true inheritance and know the joy of living!


  1. Each and every moment contains within it, the clarifying power of Truth. Attune to it and the broadcast goes forth summoning others of like orientation to join in chorus. Alternatively there is a million and one sources not divine calling our attention, attune to them, and down we go not their level, a level which we were not ordained to inhabit. (level of details / disorientation / attitudes and opinions) Not for us to sort out!
    Those moments of serene peace, where we glide above, able to discern with heightened perspective, selectively able to activate those precious seeds of perfection. We all know those moments, yet they need to become the norm, rather than a fleeting thing. A great way to ensure our capacity be yielded rightly, is prior to entry consider why this topic in this setting, at this time with these people? These questions remind us of our inheritance that must be confirmed through others, in expression, that we declare it! For quietly into the night far to many have gone, with all the right things to say, yet unable to say them.
    Let this day, start with quiet agreement within, followed by actions and deeds that confirm, who we are and why we are here.
    In this day, Oh’ Lord, before Thee, do I confirm, the blessing of true knowledge. Grateful for such, and yielded shall i abide, that you might count on me once more, as I have counted on you. Thou art trustworthy above all else, may Thy spirit come restoring those who have forgot their inheritance to the place of acceptance and acknowledgement, that together we might restore this old world to its ordained state! Heaven on earth.
    Love to you.

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