How this is written in the King James Version of the Bible is: “that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. ” The word “our” is italicized. As it has been recognized these words have been inserted to help with the meaning of the verses, however if we do look at the verse without the this word it does take on a different meaning.

We are here to apply hearts unto wisdom not only our own, but for all we are with. Of course, we have to being doing it for ourselves which then enables us to do if for others.

I find it good to not just take the words in the bible only unto ourselves, but to actually realize the divine commission we have to bless the world.

Let us apply our heart unto wisdom, as we apply the heart’s of those in our world unto wisdom.


In the hidden thou shalt make me to know wisdom. When we are alone with ourselves there is just us with our thoughts and feelings and physical being. In these times where do we notice our thoughts tends to go?

It is something to realize that we do have a choice in the matter. We can choose to follow after the dictates of the conditioned worldly mind leading to ruminating on the the things that are wrong the things that bring feelings of anger or confusion.

In the hidden thou shalt make me to know wisdom. If we remember this when we are alone with ourselves that the LORD continually calls for us to know His wisdom it will serve to wake us up from following the dictates of world influences of hate and fear  and shame and greed. Here we can choose to lift our heads in thanks and praise in recieving the wisdom of the LORD into our hearts and minds.

Let’s simply upright ourselves  in the hidden. Here we can know the wisdom of the LORD  extending  His visible influences into the world.


Why Read Healing Verses?

Obviously we may turn to reading the verses when we are feeling challenged. And it is good to do so. Ultimately the reason to read them is that we find steady ground ourselves so that we are then in position to assist others who are feeling challenged. Our lives are really fulfilled as we assist those we are in direct contact with as well as those who we do have an influence with. We need to open our eyes to how we can serve others sometimes just by sharing our stable presence with them. Here is a key to fulfillment and the reason for reading the verses.

When the Words Become the Experience

I have been considering how as we meditate upon the words of the bible including the psalms something begins to dawn in our awareness relative to having a compass. Even before we may think of what is required in our living there is something guiding our way. As we pay attention to this guidance it leads us to remember our integrity. Our integrity that gives us a sense of right and wrong. Our integrity that leads us into steps we may not even have been aware of the previous day. As we so open to this guidance and take the steps that we would take to be true to it we are given a sense of assurance. Here the words become the experience of the spirit so contained from the words. Let’s keep moving with our integrity and so experiencing peace and soundness and direction.

Wait upon God

There are many references regarding waiting upon God.  What  does this mean? Waiting upon God is allowing your emotions and and thoughts to come to rest as you remember your integrity. You may not know what to do in a certain situation but if you know to do this then you will set up the conditions whereby you may realize what wise action you need to  take. Waiting upon God does relate to setting up the right conditions in your heart and mind whereby you may receive that which is of God. Receiving that which is of God allows you to see  a step of action at  least that is required now. Not all of what you may need to know may be revealed to you all at once. Wait upon God in keeping your integrity is the necessary step to see what is required in your living. And as we take the steps that come  with this we realize that God has been waiting for us to do what we are here to do.