Its been said that deer will turn water to drink as needed and to be around it when also exhausted after having been chased by prey. As the hart finds refuge with being near water such as a brook it is the same with us. I know for  myself I find spending time near the river that runs through Atlanta to be very helpful to bring refreshment. As physical as this example is it lends itself to knowing that our spiritual refreshment comes as we return to the flowing waters. Returning to a physical representation of flowing waters can very much be helpful to realize more what it is to return to the flowing waters of what is real and true right before us. I take note to acknowledge the flowing waters of those before me in human form. For only as life is flowing can any of us be alive. As I share this it is good to acknowledge that our refreshment comes as we return to the flowing rivers of life expression through us all.


The expression of our lives is a direct result of our integrity. When we find ourselves going along with the currently acceptable mode of living that is a basic violation of our integrity inner conflict will result. When inner conflict becomes our experience it is not a matter of doing battle within ourselves rather it simply is a matter of recognition and reorientation. As the words that have been given to us “let not your heart  be troubled,” sound loudly within ourselves let us come to rest and see and change. Let us begin and continue to live according to our integrity that makes for oneness and pure joy.

Creativity and Healing Verses

In times when we may feel that we have lost our creativity and enthusiasm it is essential that we find ways to let our minds relax in the midst of our present circumstances. Taking a walk or reading a verse from Healing Verses of the Psalms can be just the thing to let your mind turn to that which would bring refreshment. This in turn can serve to bring to mind creative ways to handle your present circumstances . Whether reading a verse or finding another way to find a sense of peace is essential to our spiritual wellbeing and the fulfilling direction of our lives.

Making All Things New

We are gifted with the words of the Psalms that can bring a newness and a refreshment to our lives. As we come upon the words that settle our hearts and refresh our minds, our body’s can feel the relaxation of a healthy feeling coming upon it. Here healing can be initiated and continued to repair what is needed as well as allowing for us to feel a healthy experience. Let the words of the verses be received as a gift with all the good feelings a true gift brings.

Healing Verses are Sacred Words

Why is it that when we feel stressed many of us turn to the things that would allay our turmoil. For some the things turned to may not be constructive. It has been said in times of stress are our greatest moments for growth and the development of character. Turning to the verses in the Psalms when feeling challenged are a way to direct our feelings and thoughts to that which would be constructive. As we consider the words and hold them sacred something  of encouragement and light does arise. We have been gifted with the words not only for times of  stress but also for times to cultivate a sense of right orientation in our hearts and minds. Let’s keep oil in our lamps by considering the words of the Psalms and the bible in relaxed times also so we have a reserve available for when we are faced with challenges.

Spiritual Vitamins

I have been finding that upon opening Healing Verses of the Psalms and reading until I find just the right verse to start  my day has served as my daily spiritual vitamin. I have been filled with wonder as I receive the qualities of relaxation, peace and strength in reading ‘just the right verse.” I would invite you all to receive the spiritual enrichment I have been finding by just opening the book in the evening or morning and reading until you find the verse that brings you strength and invigoration. It should not take long and many times it will be the first verse you set your eyes upon.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51

Such beautiful words especially applicable when we may feel like nothing is working and that there is too much wrong. As we remember to keep a clean heart a heart that is thankful, appreciative, patient and PRAISEFUL  then we are renewed in spirit. Let’s keep these things in mind when our  experience seems to signal to us doom and gloom.  Let’s abide in the place that we are meant to live letting all things be made new.

The Beauty of the LORD our God

And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us… Psalm 90

Also such beautiful words. As we enter into the spirit of them a door is opened to know a state of beauty. A state where all is in place. A state where we know ourselves. How do we let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us? By lifting up our eyes and minds and hearts acknowledging that such a presence exists and has  always existed.  As we give heed to this state we are gifted with the beauty of true peace.  Here life is worth living because as we so abide we offer this beauty and peace into the world and we so know our destiny moment by moment. Let us so live.