According to the integrity of his heart. What beautiful words! As I consider what these words mean I consider my world in light of them. I am moved to think about how I feed those in my world with the integrity of my heart. The integrity that uprights myself, the integrity that has the best interests of others at heart and the integrity that has the interests of the Lord at heart. As I view these thoughts I find I am in a place that is filled with peace and ease. In a place that is fulfilling that has its own rhythm. A place that allows an infilling of my soul paused in this moment to let something of peace and ease express through me. Here I sense a synchronicity with divine order. Here there is a fullness and an interest to fulfill my divine commission. As I take this moment to receive and appreciate it I am further moved to view my day and my life for the purposes of letting this place of integrity expand on earth. Here I invite you to share with me in the wonderful graciousness of this space enjoying divine synchronicity being filled to overflowing. As we know this overflowing through ourselves we look out upon our words with blessing eyes. Here we bless our world. Let’s continue to know what it means to be in place feeding our world according to the integrity of our heart.

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