When times get challenging this is good to remember as well as  all our times. I find it is good to know that putting our orientation first in blessing our God allows us to know the blessings that are given to us in hard and in easy times. Our orientation matters. How we handle or are in position to handle what comes along really is dependent on what we have been orientated to all along. If we find that we handle certain situations well or if we recognize times we did not handle well it is good to see where are orientation was prior to the occurrence. I like considering the story in the bible about putting oil in our lamps. If we do not take the time to put oil in our lamps by considering the things of God and how that relates to the choices we make in our living especially in regards to our faith and focus we will not be in the right position. It also relates very much to our choices regarding our food, fitness and friendships. As we do put oil in our lamps we will have  the means to see what is the right way to handle our moments as well as step in the right paths. Yes bless our God which holdeth our soul in life.

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