As we are upright in heart we are gifted with gladness. Being upright in heart relates to feeling grateful for the gift of life that we have. Being upright in heart relates to facing adversity with uprightness. The old adage chin up does apply here. No matter what we may be facing that may seem challenging to us if we remember to remain upright in heart we we feel a sense of gladness. Gladness for the opportunity at hand to be true to the Lord and for the  opportunity to let the Lord’s influence have its expression on earth though us. Really what more could we be glad for. For the opportunity to so serve the Lord is our commission that is what we are here for. When we are not so serving there will be a lack of gladness and a feeling of futility. There are some deep choices to be made here. And granted we may not have always kept our chin up when challenged. Know that growing in grace and stature requires an awareness of how we are expressing ourselves. It is important to recognize if our expression is true or not. When it is not it is good to take note and to return in heart to a sense of thankfulness and gratefulness for the gift of life. And  knowing that we are always instantly and completely forgiven for any lack of true expression. We must  receive that forgiveness in our own hearts and move on with our living along with seeing what it will take to keep our chin up.

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