As we abide under the shadows of the wings of the LORD we know a sense of trust, of wonder and of joy.

How do we abide under the shadow of the LORD?First is giving heed to knowing that there is one individualized aspect of God who provides the apex point of control in which all others including you and me are focalized. That one is the Lord of Lords. As we accept this wonderful truth our lives begin to take on a new name offerring that which is coming from God out of heaven into the earth through us.

Abiding under the shadows of the wings of the LORD is acknowledging that there is a King that we all find centering in and that it is our love to do so. Here the shadow of the wings of the LORD really is a radiant shadow that fills our soul’s to overflowing.Here we then extend that radiance on earth through us providing warmth, security and love to all in our world.

Let us so abide.