This is an interesting verse to consider. At the time when it was said it was a call to the LORD to say unto the soul that made the statement. We can also consider it in a way that makes us think more about when we use the word “I.” “I” really is a most powerful word. When we think of ourself as an I what do we think who I is?

Is it someone scared, unfit, bad etc?If we do have such thoughts we need to take our response away from them. The reality is that each of us is a being of God. Here is our birthright and our responsibility to extend the influences of God on earth.

As we acknowledge that we are to be unified in and of the spirit of the LORD we can find how we blend and integrate with doing our integrated works on earth.

So when you use the word “I” consider what you are thinking and saying whether it is in line with who you really are. If not you will feel the off balance of not being true to yourself.

If what your are saying is in line¬†you will be able to know what the words mean, “say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.”