Isn’t it good to acknowledge the spirit contained in these words? Doesn’t the sense of trust fill your heart accordingly?

Let’s rest in the spirit of these words knowing that we can wait  upon God. Choosing to be grateful in each of our moments does allow for the cycles and seasons to continue accordingly. Here our patience leads to the experience of tranquility and from here comes a dawning of what is required of each of us as God would have through us. And as we provide what we are to provide of the salvation of God we in turn know salvation for ourself.

Let’s continue accordingly…


Being sound in the statutes of Lord gives the experience of assurance. Assurance stems from a deep sense of thankfulness for the life that has been given to us. All of us have been given life directly from the Lord. As we gratefully acknowledge this gift it allows us to be sound in His statutes bringing the experience of peace and tranquility.

When you feel stressed turn to the Healing Verses!

I live by the adage that when you feel stressed turn to the things of God. When you do you are never disappointed.  Sometimes there are times when you do not feel like doing this. This is a clear signal that your orientation is off and that it is time to give thanks to recognize that you are off the mark. As you do this you will find something melting in your heart that brings to remembrance your love for the things of God. At this point you will find that as you read a verse from the Psalms or the bible your heart will further relax and give even deeper thanks for the spirit carried through the words that bring comfort and tranquility. I also appreciate the words that the kingdom of heaven is always at hand as you allow yourself to be in position to receive it.