Taking the time to consider spiritual things is vital to keep your mind and heart oriented to what is true. As we do so it allows a strengthening to occur that brings a perspective of what is true and what is not. This can be especially important to the thoughts and feelings we may have that may be challenging. When we ground ourselves in the consideration of what is true we will have the fortitude to move though stressful times into a greater experience of grace and stature. Take the time and know peace from within and greater perspective!

Healing Verses are Sacred Words

Why is it that when we feel stressed many of us turn to the things that would allay our turmoil. For some the things turned to may not be constructive. It has been said in times of stress are our greatest moments for growth and the development of character. Turning to the verses in the Psalms when feeling challenged are a way to direct our feelings and thoughts to that which would be constructive. As we consider the words and hold them sacred something  of encouragement and light does arise. We have been gifted with the words not only for times of  stress but also for times to cultivate a sense of right orientation in our hearts and minds. Let’s keep oil in our lamps by considering the words of the Psalms and the bible in relaxed times also so we have a reserve available for when we are faced with challenges.