Taking the time to consider spiritual things is vital to keep your mind and heart oriented to what is true. As we do so it allows a strengthening to occur that brings a perspective of what is true and what is not. This can be especially important to the thoughts and feelings we may have that may be challenging. When we ground ourselves in the consideration of what is true we will have the fortitude to move though stressful times into a greater experience of grace and stature. Take the time and know peace from within and greater perspective!


Being upright relates to an upright posture physically and also mentally and emotionally. Whatever situation we may be facing keeping an upright stance allows us to meet the challenges we have at hand. Just remember to remain upright in terms of keeping your integrity and honor. Honor the presence of the Lord by remaining true to HIs character of strength and nobility. As we do so we allow HIs presence to come through us in meeting the situations at hand. Here we find victory and increase in waxing in grace and stature.

How well can we forgive?

At  times we may feel the irritation of seemingly being badly done by. How well we can forgive in these situations plays a part in the development of our character and our sound contribution to this world. When we turn to reading a healing  verse and immerse ourselves in the spirit of it something can be made new whereby our hearts come to  rest and our minds can think sensibly. The gift of the provision of healing verses are at hand. Turn to them as needed and continue moving in the direction of greater character and stature. The world needs you.