How do we harken to the voice of His word. By listening with an open heart and mind even though there may be a sense of resistance within oneself. How to we hear the voice by listening to what is said to us through other people who have our best interests at heart. Here again we may resist what a friend may be advising us. However recognizing the resistance in oneself is part of the process and in of itself is not to be resisted or fought against. As we simply come to rest with a situation letting patience give the necessary time to decipher thorough a circumstance we find that we can hear the voice of the Lord with a sense of gratitude for making a wise path through a experience that may have been a repetitive one. Finally as we harken to the voice of His word through hearing the words of our real friends we come to a new experience of living letting go of the destructive repetitive tendencies in ourselves from trying to get our own way to knowing  the way that brings soundness and joy.