When our whole heart is engaged to seek and know the nature of the Lord something transpires that brings a sense of peace. Such seeking is really not done by really trying to seek him. Rather when there is a relaxation of heart and an openness of mind along with a deep sense of gratefulness something can be received that allows us to know the Lord in a deeper way. When we are in trouble or having trying times this may be a seeming difficult thing to do where we really try to call upon the Lord for help. Granted when these times arise turning in the direction of the Lord and really trying may serve as a starting point. As we do turn the best we can in the right direction we find that we can relax in heart and open our minds. What then can be received may be an obvious truth of what is required or it just may be a settling in heart. Either way seeking the Lord  with our whole heart does bring consolation and an increased awareness of what it means to do so. Let’s continue in such a way.