Whether it is the LORD answering us or us answering the LORD the place this occurs is the place of thunder. As we think of thunder we recognize it as a sound that is heard throughout where we are. We recognize great power in this. We recognize something LARGE.

Being deliberate in reserving time in the evening and morning to open up to being in the place of thunder with the LORD is vital to knowing this place.

Here with upright and thankful hearts we can sense the power at hand and hear more the word of the LORD in our awareness. Here we know the power and strength of being of the LORD bringing what we are here to bring on earth.


As we rise up to hear the voice of the LORD we commune in His power. It has been a tendency to block ourselves off from hearing His voice because of shame and fear. Because of this we have tended to think we are  not worthy to hear His  voice or to actually do His will.  If not us then who. Each of us is here on earth to do the will of the LORD. We would not be here at this time if it was not our time to provide an unique integrated part for the LORD to have his way on earth.

In hearing the voice of the LORD I have sensed that He is calling us to come to rest in our hearts. The time is now to provide an influence of love to our own heart and mind letting the downcasting incriminating thoughts about ourselves and others be see as insignificant. And  acknowledge what is significant in our heart of hearts is to provide an influence of blessing on earth.

The voice of the LORD is powerful. Powerful to bring our heart to rest, vision to our mind and invigoration to our body in doing His will on earth. Here is our fulfillment in living. Let us listen to His voice in the power of love.