Isn’t it good to acknowledge the spirit contained in these words? Doesn’t the sense of trust fill your heart accordingly?

Let’s rest in the spirit of these words knowing that we can wait  upon God. Choosing to be grateful in each of our moments does allow for the cycles and seasons to continue accordingly. Here our patience leads to the experience of tranquility and from here comes a dawning of what is required of each of us as God would have through us. And as we provide what we are to provide of the salvation of God we in turn know salvation for ourself.

Let’s continue accordingly…


This verse goes on to say “harden not your heart, as in the day of provocation, as the day of temptation in the wilderness.” For in order to hear the voice of the LORD there has to be an open pliable heart. A heart that is willing to be in a state of possible unknowing for a time symbolized by the wilderness. Each day we have opportunity to reside in a heart state that can be characterized by attitudes of thankfulness, appreciation, patience and PRAISE (TAPP). As we do it gives us a greater opportunity to hear what is required of us in every given moment. Here we can come out of the wilderness and into the state of harmonized expression with the LORD. 


The word of the Lord is very pure. In order to know this our hearts must be untroubled. In order to have an untroubled heart it needs to be oriented in the eternal light of love constantly being emitted by our Lord and King. How we orient our hearts comes from mentally choosing the attitudes of thankfulness, appreciation, patience and praise. As we treasure these attitudes we can receive the  pure word  of the Lord that invigorates and gives perspective. With perspective we can see our temporal affairs in the light of the eternal  fretting not letting time reveal all things in the living of life now.

Wait upon God

There are many references regarding waiting upon God.  What  does this mean? Waiting upon God is allowing your emotions and and thoughts to come to rest as you remember your integrity. You may not know what to do in a certain situation but if you know to do this then you will set up the conditions whereby you may realize what wise action you need to  take. Waiting upon God does relate to setting up the right conditions in your heart and mind whereby you may receive that which is of God. Receiving that which is of God allows you to see  a step of action at  least that is required now. Not all of what you may need to know may be revealed to you all at once. Wait upon God in keeping your integrity is the necessary step to see what is required in your living. And as we take the steps that come  with this we realize that God has been waiting for us to do what we are here to do.