How well are we in position to hear his voice? This depends on the condition of our hearts and minds. In order to hear his voice we need to provide a setting in our heart and mind to receive his voice. This setting relates to having a heart filled with gratitude for the gift of life that we have no matter what physical condition we may be in and a mind that is consciously aware of keeping our heart in such a state. It has been said our minds are our guardian angels whereby through alertness we recognize in any given moment if we are considering things that fill us with a sense of thankfulness or if we are paying attention to things that fill us with anger and irritation. We do have a choice in the matter. In this way we do choose our experience whether we know it or not. Many times we may be so absorbed in our daily affairs that we become unconscious of the things that really matter and default to the common feelings of shame, fear, hate and greed so typical in human experience. We are here individually and together to set a new precedent which is really  an eternal precedent to provide an influence into the world that brings true worthiness, love, understanding and givingness. As this is done we offer the blessing for are to provide for our worlds.