The Healing Verses an Opportunity to Receive the Truth of Love

The verses in the psalms are an opportunity to turn to the truth to resonate with it. As we do resonate with the truth that springs from the essence of love we will feel comforted and encouraged especially in challenging times. However why wait for challenging times. It is good to turn to the truth when feeling great in acknowledging a reality that is causing all things to be. There is a verse in the psalms that states, “before I was afflicted I went astray.” In times of feeling great it good to keep in line with the truth setting up a future that continues to bring increasing peace and a greater experience of life. Let’s keep in mind whether we find ourselves in challenging times or so called easier times let’s always give thanks for the truth that is and that is always gifting us with the love that is springing from it.

When you feel stressed turn to the Healing Verses!

I live by the adage that when you feel stressed turn to the things of God. When you do you are never disappointed.  Sometimes there are times when you do not feel like doing this. This is a clear signal that your orientation is off and that it is time to give thanks to recognize that you are off the mark. As you do this you will find something melting in your heart that brings to remembrance your love for the things of God. At this point you will find that as you read a verse from the Psalms or the bible your heart will further relax and give even deeper thanks for the spirit carried through the words that bring comfort and tranquility. I also appreciate the words that the kingdom of heaven is always at hand as you allow yourself to be in position to receive it.

Healing Verses and the Principles of Living

Permeated through out the healing verses the principles or foundations for our living experience are inherent within them. As we read the verses the underlying values and character of integrity and uprightness are well provided.  As we appreciate these fundamental simplicities we become blended or harmonized with them. From here we can so experience them and be filled to overflowing to bless our worlds.

Sharing the Verses with a Friend

Some verses will really stand out to you. I am sure some you have found that you treasure and love. When there is a right moment set where you find you can share a verse with someone who also would love to hear a verse that brings inspiration and refreshment so let it be shared. There is nothing like sharing a treasured gem with a friend for a greater life experience to be known.

Why Read Healing Verses?

Obviously we may turn to reading the verses when we are feeling challenged. And it is good to do so. Ultimately the reason to read them is that we find steady ground ourselves so that we are then in position to assist others who are feeling challenged. Our lives are really fulfilled as we assist those we are in direct contact with as well as those who we do have an influence with. We need to open our eyes to how we can serve others sometimes just by sharing our stable presence with them. Here is a key to fulfillment and the reason for reading the verses.