Strength is available and at hand. True strength really has only one source. And that source is at the center of everything. As we pause to deliberately abide in an orientation that brings a fullness to overflowing we remember and rest in our rightful place. Here we realize the life given to us is a gift and comes from a source much larger than ourselves. As I abide in this place with you I give thanks for the opportunity to commune in what we acknowledge as the spirit of the Lord. Here there is strength and perspective to continue living in increasing grace and stature.

Making All Things New

We are gifted with the words of the Psalms that can bring a newness and a refreshment to our lives. As we come upon the words that settle our hearts and refresh our minds, our body’s can feel the relaxation of a healthy feeling coming upon it. Here healing can be initiated and continued to repair what is needed as well as allowing for us to feel a healthy experience. Let the words of the verses be received as a gift with all the good feelings a true gift brings.