I find this a very comforting thought to realize that the LORD of Lords is with us and to have it phrased as the LORD of hosts. It makes us realize that each of us is actually a host. We are each designed to welcome to be a host.

Let’s consider how we can welcome those who enter our world—how we can be large and gracious and understanding with all in our world.

Let’s be the hosts we are designed to be true to the LORD of hosts.  Here is fulfillment.


As we rise up to hear the voice of the LORD we commune in His power. It has been a tendency to block ourselves off from hearing His voice because of shame and fear. Because of this we have tended to think we are  not worthy to hear His  voice or to actually do His will.  If not us then who. Each of us is here on earth to do the will of the LORD. We would not be here at this time if it was not our time to provide an unique integrated part for the LORD to have his way on earth.

In hearing the voice of the LORD I have sensed that He is calling us to come to rest in our hearts. The time is now to provide an influence of love to our own heart and mind letting the downcasting incriminating thoughts about ourselves and others be see as insignificant. And  acknowledge what is significant in our heart of hearts is to provide an influence of blessing on earth.

The voice of the LORD is powerful. Powerful to bring our heart to rest, vision to our mind and invigoration to our body in doing His will on earth. Here is our fulfillment in living. Let us listen to His voice in the power of love.


The strength of the Lord is made evident through all of nature. I am intrigued by looking at the strength of a tree noticing its trunk and roots that hold a massive tree up. As I consider this verse I also consider how the strength of the Lord is to be declared though us individually. Our words and really all of our living is to declare this. When we are rooted in acknowledging sound and true ways that give expression of that which is honorable and real it declares the strength of the Lord. As we give honor in this way we find we live in a sound place knowing an experience of fulfillment.


When we are in position to receive the words of the Lord we find a deep satisfaction describable as sweetness and joy. To be in position to receive these words regards the matter of the state of our hearts. A disturbed heart can not  receive until there is a reorientation to thankfulness, appreciation, patience and praise. Praise to the Lord for the opportunity we have at hand to honor his love and to extend His character into the earth. As we are in such position we taste the sweetness of the presence of the Lord and at the same time extend His presence on earth. Here is joyful fulfillment.

They shall prosper that love thee.

Prosperity is a sought out experience for many in this world. In ancient time prosperity was given to David for doing what he was fit to do in his love for the Lord. As we LOVE THEE we know a prosperity internally that eventually reflects itself externally as we do what we are fit to do in glorifying the Lord on earth. It is important to remain patient with the cycles and phases for this to be known not to get prosperity rather to let prosperity manifest as we know the wealth of abiding in the presence of the Lord. Such simplicity is a gift that is ours to know.





In Psalm 132 it says, “I have ordained a lamp for  mine anointed.” What does this mean? Obviously a light for those  who have chosen to be anointed. How does one choose to be anointed? One chooses to be anointed by keeping their integrity in living. As we do a light is given before our ways. We see the steps  needed to take in our living. Sometimes it may be a light given to just one step at a time. As we so move in the way of our integrity taking the steps that reveal themselves by the light cast upon them we move through our lives with grace and assurance. As we so do we provide a light for others. Here we live a fulfilling life.