If we are not having great peace then there is something to look at regarding our love for the law. The law that is not temporal rather the law that is eternal. We have been designed to function according to eternal law. Not a law that that is set by man a law that that has been set by God in the creation of this world as well as ourselves. This law involves how we hold in our hearts the qualities congruent with the nature of life that abounds in all the natural world. This law that causes grass to grow trees to reach to the skies and for new babies to be born. This law is the law of creation. It springs from the eternal source of love received by the womb of the truth. When we are feeling that lack of a sense of peace remember there is a law that governs all the natural world. Take note and appreciate this natural world with depth of feeling and you will return to abiding in the law and experiencing that great peace.