I find these words from the Psalms intriguing to consider, “thy lovingkindness better than life.” I see how this means that the lovingkindness of the LORD is even better than our actual life. Since life is inherently so very important to us that there is even something more important to us as it is spelled out in this verse.

I find it refreshing to consider these words in acknowledging them and unifying with them that it becomes a great pleasure to extend the lovingkindness of the LORD. Here life is better and all things are put in perspective accordingly.

I note also in my awareness that the lovingkindness of the LORD has many textures to it not just soft, but also something very strong. Something strong as iron.

Consider for yourself how the lovingkindness of the LORD is better than life…


This reminds me of another psalm verse, “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” As we love the law of the Lord we will be able to see if our pride comes against us. In this case human pride. Human pride takes offense. Divine pride sees things without reacting. It continuallly honors the nature of the LORD through the expression of ourselves. It points to the essence of what the words mean, “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Let”s honor the LORD by the expression of our living here we find our divine pride and our human pride no longer holds sway.


As we hold this premise in our hearts before speaking or acting it serves to bring our expression into alignment with the natural expression that would emanate from the LORD through us. Here we can provide sound and sane influences into the world.


Our feet have been related to our understanding. As our understanding resides in an even place a place where there are not extremes a place where there is balanced understanding then we can view our worlds with perspective. A perspective that brings a balance in living.


As we open our eyes to that which is and has been established for our human lives we realize a pattern. This pattern is not arbitrary or demanding. It only calls to our highest of love. The command of the Lord is a command of love we need not think of it as an obligation.

Yield to it and know the gift of life!

The Healing Verses an Opportunity to Receive the Truth of Love

The verses in the psalms are an opportunity to turn to the truth to resonate with it. As we do resonate with the truth that springs from the essence of love we will feel comforted and encouraged especially in challenging times. However why wait for challenging times. It is good to turn to the truth when feeling great in acknowledging a reality that is causing all things to be. There is a verse in the psalms that states, “before I was afflicted I went astray.” In times of feeling great it good to keep in line with the truth setting up a future that continues to bring increasing peace and a greater experience of life. Let’s keep in mind whether we find ourselves in challenging times or so called easier times let’s always give thanks for the truth that is and that is always gifting us with the love that is springing from it.


We  each have been given a favour. That favour is the gift of life we have been given and are given now. Being ever so grateful for it with our whole heart makes our lives come alive with the invigoration of this favour. Open up to this awareness as it will light up much more you can be grateful for crowding out any feeling of discontent or unrest. The choice is ours to live in the light.

And Bless His Name!

When we live in our highest integrity we bless the name of the Lord. When we live in a place of understanding and of giving the qualities of life and friendship to others we bless His name.  Let our living so increase the Name and influence of the Lord on earth.

Sharing the Verses with a Friend

Some verses will really stand out to you. I am sure some you have found that you treasure and love. When there is a right moment set where you find you can share a verse with someone who also would love to hear a verse that brings inspiration and refreshment so let it be shared. There is nothing like sharing a treasured gem with a friend for a greater life experience to be known.

The LORD is my light and my salvation… Psalm 27

Such words that tell us that there is a provision that gives us light and salvation. Yes it is good to remember this in times of stress and  in times when things are going well. When things are going well it is a good time to ever strengthen our awareness that we are given the light of direction to continue in the way the brings greater salvation. So often we forget our true orientation when things are going well which invariably lands us in the place where we have to plead to the LORD for help again and again. Let’s shift this up and down experience and keep moving in a direction that brings greater strength, wisdom and the joy of living. It is as simple as giving thanks for our blessings and to see how we can extend greater blessings through our living.