In the truth, meekness and rightousness  of the LORD there is made evident a majestic nature. In this majesty prosperity is known. Here there is a greater knowing of the wealth and breath of the LORD.

It is something to consider the word meekness in this respect. It has been said that meekness relates to being agily responsive to the commands of the rider.

As we ask ourselves how we can be agily responsive to the commands of the LORD through us and open up to letting it be so I can sense the experience of majesty and prosperity that is a result. Can you also?

It is something to know that the commands of the LORD are really the commands of love. What would love have us do is really the question. What would the truth of love have us do?

Let’s listen to the commands in this respect knowing the majesty and prosperity of the LORD in our living experience. Selah…

They shall prosper that love thee.

Prosperity is a sought out experience for many in this world. In ancient time prosperity was given to David for doing what he was fit to do in his love for the Lord. As we LOVE THEE we know a prosperity internally that eventually reflects itself externally as we do what we are fit to do in glorifying the Lord on earth. It is important to remain patient with the cycles and phases for this to be known not to get prosperity rather to let prosperity manifest as we know the wealth of abiding in the presence of the Lord. Such simplicity is a gift that is ours to know.