Positioning ourselves to hear joy and gladness takes some intentional work. Personally, I have found utililzing a Heartmath HRV sensor to help in this process. Every morning I attach the sensor to my ear as I meditate on a psalm verse while I do some light exercise. The HRV sensor picks up my heart rate variability which is a reading of the time sequence between each heart beat. The more there is a healthy variability of time sequences between each heart beat the more we are in a position be in an optimal nervous system state called coherence. The sensor will tell by the sounds it gives off if we are in an optimal state of coherence or in a low state of coherence. When we entrain our nervous system to be in this high coherent state it allows us to recieve the sweet essences of the beauty of love. Here we can hear the essences that bring joy and gladness to  our heart.

There is much more to be learned in this respect. Consider contacting me to learn more.